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Buying and selling have become so much handy with online services.  
-You take a picture of the product you want to sell. 
- Post it on one of these online platforms 
- Get a buyer and then BOOM! Meet up and sell! 
You can call it convenience.  
But, over time, sellers and most especially buyers are getting spammed on these online platforms. So soon, convenience turns into risk. Leaving people with doubts.  
-How do I know this stranger I'm meeting to buy from is actually gonna bring the exact item I saw on the site? 
- What if I do end up buying something fake? 
You need not worry about all this on A website, where u can buy and sell almost everything, has over 50 different categories for you to choose from. You can find that phone, that house, that laptop that you want so much on Jaanor. No stress, No doubts, only convenience. 
What makes Jaanor different? has a 'Help to Buy' feature that enables you to purchase or sell your product without leaving your home to meet a sell or buyer, all you have to do is: 
- Go to our homepage at 
- Click on the 'Help to Buy' option, contact us or submit a ticket to our Customer Service Team and we will do the delivery for you.  
Yes! Just send us the details of the item and if possible a picture of the item with and the sellers contact details.  
Jaanor customer service team will call and verify all details and specifications. 
The best part is, you the buyer, make only 70% of the initial deposit of the item price to Jaanor before delivery, and the 30% after the product has been delivered and you are satisfied. 
We do this at to ensure fair trading for both parties. Even if a deal looks too shady for you, don't hesitate, contact us, we will make sure it's not a scam. puts a priority on your security, that's why we among the lot give you the option to call us. We will help you to get exactly what you want from a deal. 
Online buying and selling become reliable when there are security and trust. Jaanor gives you just that! No stress, No doubts, only convenience. 
Jaanor. We Help You to Buy ???? 

Last Updated: 07/07/2020 08:21

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